After finishing my studies in physics and before turning to philosophy, I studied science writing and very briefly worked as a freelance science journalist. Very rarely, whenever I believe I might have something interesting to say, I still write popular articles. The results of some of these efforts can be found below:

  • „Big Data – wie uns die Datenflut vorhersagbar macht“, Spiegel Online, 20.4.2013. (link)
  • „Big Data in der Medizin: Sprechstunde beim Superrechner“, Spiegel Online, 16.7.2013. (link)
  • „The networked society of the future“, presentation at the Urban Age Electric City Conference, 7.12.2012. (transcript, slides)
  • „Schwere Kerne aus Russland“, Deutschlandfunk, 28.12.2005 (link)
  • „Der Traum vom eigenen Kino“, Berliner Zeitung, 28.7.2004 (link)